*New Improved* - Essential Oil/Concentrate Vape Pack - Wickless No Coil Design - Matte Gold Finish Limited Release 79-0016

Introducing our latest  "Wickless" Vape Pack: Matte Gold Case

0.6ml/600mg Capacity
Medical Grade Pyrex Glass Tank Housing
No coil design

Wickless Ceramic Heating Cell
4 Function (3 Temp & Preheat) 420mah Battery
Ideal Voltage Settings for Optimal Healthy Vaping - Will not BURN your Concentrates

Wood Mouthpiece for a Comfortable feel
Includes Rapid USB Charger
Compact Discrete Leather Travel Case 
Clean Pure Taste
Satisfying Clouds...

*Cartridges have been tested to a threshold of refilling up to 10 or more times - Please note, depending on the cleanliness and quality of your loading materials,  may degrade the seals and internal components of the cartridge at a more rapid rate.   We recommend replacement after 3-5 refills for optimal taste and lasting functionality**


 Check out our latest blog post in regards to this specific piece..


***Please Note this Vape Pack will arrive empty. If you are interested in our Premium Co2 Extracted oil, please ask for us by name at your local dispensary!***


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